Powerful Consult

Gaining Clarity & a Professional Perspective

90 minute consult $128 flat fee
Every woman, with a powerful idea, deserves to know.  In this consulting session, I begin by providing guidance and insight regarding your online presence. Ever wonder what people really think about your business model?  Do you know what type of energy you are putting out there?  I bring an intuitive sense to share what is working and what can be tweaked to give your business more of an edge. I can help you break through barriers, custom to your needs, so you can focus on your passion and what you do best.  Your investment here is minimal, what you receive is priceless.


On-going Consulting Power

Clarity through 12 months of focused sessions

$418 for 12 sessions at :30 minutes each
  1. Uncover your true passion.
  2. Craft your mission so it’s crystal clear.
  3. Gain clarity around your Brand.
  4. Fine tune your message for your internet resume.
  5. Fine tune your ideal client, so that they can find you.
  6. Comb through your website presence.
  7. Comb through your social media presence.
  8. Organize your preferred client timeline.
  9. Discover what is working within your current networking & what to shift.
  10. Create ideas for speaking, workshops, webinars & classes.
  11. Clarify the next steps for marketing & advertising that is best for you.
  12. Create positive affirmations that support your mission.