14Behind the Microphone

If you know me by now, you know that I do love to talk! Radio is easy for me at this stage of the game, although a few tiny nerves will creep in on occasion! Radio is so different than speaking in public, even though I have upwards of 30,000 or more weekly listeners, I can’t see them. So there’s no psychological boundaries for me. To me it’s simply a conversation, that just happens to be recorded. I am essentially the same person off camera, as I am on.

Speaking in public is completely different than radio though. I am blessed to belong to so many networking groups to exercise my personal public speaking skills. Sometimes the old nerves kick in, and sometimes I nail it! I do speak up quite frequently at any given networking meeting, and you may even catch me singing or dancing at certain events! I have had to learn techniques though and put them into practice. I have learned to let go of the person I think people expect me to be, take a deep breath and stand in my own value. Thank you to everyone who sees value in what I bring to the table yesterday, today and all the tommorrow’s yet to come.

Beyond the Microphone

I embrace all speaking opportunities to share how I shifted my career path as an entrepreneur into Radio Broadcasting. My mission is to inspire confidence & motivate others by communicating my own inspirations, challenges and milestones in a candid & raw style.

If you know of an organization that is looking for an authentic & down to earth presentation, send them my way! I especially take great pride in mentoring students of all ages.