Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Will it be recorded or is it Live?

On most occasions we record the interview during regular business /school hours. Typically, Monday – Thursday, at Noon or 1:00pm, excluding Fridays. Every now and then, we will go live in the broadcast studios, on Sunday at Noon, depending on the availability of the host & guest. I personally love doing Live shows, because they have that extra bit of excitement in the air!

As a guest, what do I have to do to prepare?

You already know your business inside and out, so bringing your best self to the table is all you need to do. I create an interview outline and provide that to my guests the night before. The outline is a guide, and sometimes the conversation flows so seamlessly, that we hardly refer to it! We will of course have a few conversations beforehand, so we are on the same page as to our intentions and what we both want to achieve.

Where do we record?

Recordings are at WATD broadcast studios, 130 Enterprise Drive, Marshfield, MA, conveniently off of Route 3.

How long will it take?

Powerful Women Revealed is a 45 minute show. I like my guests to arrive approximately 15 minutes early, so we my get comfortable before we begin. Once we start the recording, we shoot straight through the 45 minutes.

Will there be any editing?

The short answer is no, because we record as though we are live. There is no “take 22”. However, if you happen to have a coughing attack or sneeze a bunch of times during, we can & will crop that out, for the final copy.

Why would I pay to be interviewed?

Well, what I provide is a marketing & advertising service, beyond the radio show. I created Powerful Women Revealed because I believe that every woman, who has a powerful mission, deserves to be heard. My program stems from traditional radio advertising, that continues into social media, YouTube and Community Television. Essentially, I’ve created an out-of-the-box marketing program, built around my radio show for women in business, that want to educate & bring awareness to the community. My program is full of value, content, & support. It’s affordable & attainable for women who want to take their businesses to another level. I provide visibility to you and you take away tools to support your mission.

Frequently Asked Podcast Questions

What is a podcast & will I receive a copy?

A podcast is a recording of voice, which is usually an Mp4. Once the radio show airs on the designated date, the podcast is then shared with the guest for their own media use and discretion.

Where can my friends and family find the podcast?

After the interview is aired on the Powerful Women Revealed show, the recorded podcast is uploaded to our podcast hosting site, which ultimately lands right here at Your podcast stays up on the PWR website during your promotional period which is typically 12 months.

Where on social media will the podcast be shared?

Currently the podcast is shared to PWR Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Radio Questions

How can my friends & family tune in, and what if they don’t live in the U.S.?

If they are locally in the Boston area, they can tune in directly on 95.9 WATD-FM. If they want to listen via mobile, they can listen to LiveStreaming at WATD’s website: There’s also a great app you can find WATD on, called “Tunein” Radio, similar to “I Heart” Radio, that can be uploaded to any smartphone or device.

Who’s listening?

WATD is an award winning, family owned radio station that has consistently been the south shore’s go to, for news, weather, sports, music & radio personalities for almost 40 years. The average listenership is well over 20,000 at any given time. Powerful Women Revealed is closing on 3 years, and with that, we have built our listenership to an approximate humble 30,000+ weekly listeners. I have many fans ranging from Small Business Owners, Moms, Women Entrepreneurs, Spiritual Seekers, Girls, Business Women, Caregivers, Educators, Teenagers and yes, even Men.

What’s the radio reach?

We reach 7 counties surrounding Boston: Norfolk, Suffolk, Middlesex, Essex, Bristol, Plymouth & Barnstable counties. The population in these 7 counties is approximately 4,114,457, men & women, from ages 18 and older. You can hear WATD from Salem, MA to the tip of Rhode Islande and all the way down to Truro on Cape. Having said that, Powerful Women Revealed is known to be heard in pockets all the way up to Salem, NH!

Frequently Asked Social Media Questions

What if I’m already on social media?

If you are already present on social media in 2 or more platforms that’s great. However, when you have a presence on the Powerful Women Revealed social media platforms, you are reaching people outside of your existing circle. In addition, we all know that when you are listed throughout many places on the internet, it drives up your SEO.

What if I don’t have time to create posts for the social media?

Almost two years ago I introduced social media to the Powerful Women Revealed program to bring even more added value. I would email a client and let her know that I was ready for her posts, and the posts never came because she was too busy and it got pushed to the bottom of the priority list. So, I saw an opportunity to take my writing skills, and create social media copy for the gals I promote. I decided that since I was researching their businesses anyway, I would just create the posts for them, that help reflect my client’s business as well as respectfully reflect the mission of Powerful Women Revealed.

How much activity is happening with the social media posts?

My intention for each post is to be present on social media because you never know who will see you, or who you will inspire. They say that Social Media is a necessary evil. I see social media as a place to have your storefront, and information for window shoppers to browse. You never know who will stop at your window to take a peek inside, or how long they will stay. Everything we post is linked back to your website, so it’s important to watch you own statistics behind the scenes.

Which social media platforms will the posts be shared?

Powerful Women Revealed has a presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter. I give my clients visibility on their top two favorite Social Media places. You can either pick places that support where you are currently, or pick new places to start dipping into.

Frequently Asked Video Questions

When is the video created?

The video is created during the radio interview recording at WATD. I set up the camera to capture our interview. It is raw, candid and I like to say, similar to Howard Stern! Except we keep it Pg13.

I already have video, why do I need another?

I’m not sure if you can ever have enough video. If you already have a video of your business, you may want to consider complimenting that with a video of you and how passionate you are about your purpose and mission.

Isn’t video only valuable if you have less than two minutes?

Yes, Typically, people will tune-in or watch for an average of less than two minutes, however, the average Powerful Women Revealed viewer is watching anywhere between 9 minutes and 36 minutes! This is very interesting information! Regardless, anyone truly interested in you and your message will watch you for a longer period of time, especially since what I provide is full of content and it’s entertaining!