Health and Wellness

Powerful Health & Wellness Gal Podcasts

Today, health & wellness seems to be high up on everyone’s radar and awareness & education are key.  There are many ways to improve on our overall health and well being and we all know that there is always room for improvement.  Additionally, we can’t all be good at everything, so I personally rely on women who are experts in areas of wellness.  I prefer to leave it to the professionals who devote their lives to learning and helping to educate the public with that knowledge.

If you are a powerful woman with a business that supports health & wellness, such as a Personal Trainer, Nutritional Expert, Caregiver, Matchmaker, Physical Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Acupuncture, Aesthetician, Pet Care Provider, Chiropractor, Yoga Teacher, Environmental Specialists, or the like, I want to hear your mission.  You can take a quick peek at some of the gals I support below and then let’s set a time to talk real soon!