Sponsoring PWR

Sponsoring Powerful Women Revealed

because you support women & appreciate receiving quality FM Radio Advertising

Every woman, with a powerful mission, can support someone deserving. There are many women entrepreneurs today that are on a journey to creating viable businesses, and they need support more than ever.  This is an opportunity to support a woman entrepreneur with the strength of your substantial business.  You exercise compassion and want to help other women build their own business & legacy to success.  Together we can strengthen our community by supporting women that deserve to be recognized, and still maintain a powerful presence with traditional media advertising. 

~Sponsorship Details~

Nine Month Sponsorship program $6,188

Sponsored Radio Ad Promos: Promos example:  “Tune in this Sunday after the news at noon, blah, blah, blah,…. Brought to you by Blank Company @ blankety blank dot com) These promos are outside of the PWR programming, Monday – Friday during high traffic drive times, 8 per week x 39 weeks at $10 per spot, value $3,120

Radio Ad :30 Second Commercials: Your Ad broadcasted inside the PWR programming x 39 weeks at $45 per spot & includes copy, value $1,755

Radio Interview Airtime: Three (3) 45 minute interviews all about your Bio, Passion, and opportunity to capture your mission, shared to our 30,000+ listenership, Podcast Sharing on Social Media & On-Demand presence on Powerful Women Revealed website, value $2,100

Videos: Four full completely captured edited videos of your interview, Video Share on Social Media & On-Demand presence on Powerful Women Revealed website, value $800

Community Television: Plymouth Area Community Television (PACTV) presence for 2 weeks covering the towns of Plymouth, Kingston, Duxbury & Pembroke with 24,000+ viewers

YouTube: On-Demand presence

Social Media Support: 52 weeks of support on PWR platforms with over 43,000 combined Followers, Likes, Views & Connections, value $200

Website Link backs: Everything posted on social media all link back to your website or preferred landing page for SEO, value $200.